Spending a month's salary

I don't have much experience as an audiophile. Based on my research, the bulk of spend should be on fine speakers. I have $20k to invest in either a superior AMP, DAC or pair of speakers. What to do?

My room is on the smaller side, listening position is about 7-8ft from the speakers. I suppose bookshelf speakers are appropriate. Right side speaker is very close to side wall <1ft. Left side is open to 6-8ft. Back wall is about 10 ft from listening position. Speakers sit about 3ft from front wall.

My current setup:

Revel 106 speakers

Parasound P6 pre and A21+ amp

Node 130 streamer w/ upgraded Teddy PS

AQ cable loom.

I prefer bookshelfs given my room. Separates are ideal, though I would like to consider an all in one like a Boulder 866.

Which component is most important. I'm not looking to have an unbalanced system. Eg. $15k speakers and a $500 DAC.

Appreciate any insight.




Seems like your flexing/bragging ? Why say 'a months salary' and instead just say you want to spend $20k.


So, your recommendation is to buy an airline ticket and figure out what sound op is looking for before arriving at your establishment?

BTW.. I suspect that your description of your listening options is accurate.


If you want to come by to hear things you are more than welcome.  I was saying that anyone in th3 NYC area or visiting should schedule some time to come by.  We encourage people to bring their own gear also.

You need to know what type of sound you like.  Tube, SS, and then you can back into what you like by trying different components.  I have a friend who completely hates any noise.  He knows what tubes do and loves the sound but if any noise, they are gone.  So buying a tubed component that is quiet, is usually compromised especially if you like NOS tubes.  We can eliminate the noise but it gets pretty hard to do on his 99db speakers.

So everyone is welcome to come by.


Happy Listening. 



IMO, Travel. Audition until a pair of speakers knocks you over. Buy them. Compromise on the rest. I did that with Magnepan, 50 years ago. 70% of the budget, and a good decision. YMMV

Good, reliable electronics need not cost the earth. For example, used Bryston, even 20 years old, will still give you a pleasant and satisfying sound, with 90% of the clarity provided by the latest and highest end. IMO