Spendor D7.2 Pairing - First Watt F8

I have a First Watt F8 with a Modwright LS100 as a preamp.  Considering the Spendor D7.2's to replace my Zu DW 6 Supremes.  The Spendor's are rated at 8 ohms and 90db efficiency - their specs show amps from 25 -200 can handle them.  The F8 puts out 25 Wats per channel into a typical 8 ohm load and loves efficient speakers.  Anyone here running this combination or have thoughts on the Spendors paired with a Class A like the F8?


Either the Volti, or Klipsch Cornwall 4’s would work very well in a large room, and both would sing with the F8.  I have the CW4’s in a room a little larger than yours and love them!

Volti, Daedelus, DeVore, Klipsch are all good choice, Klipsch will play the loudest.  While you're at it, buy an XA25,. Lots more extra power.  Used $3000

When you said large and open it makes me think less boundary reinforcement and might be better of with something like the Volti or Forte 4. I’ve owned Devores, Verity, Daedalus, Zu Union, and demoed the D7. I really like the Forte but I’m in a less than ideal setup with a lack of side walls. They play really well. FWIW never thought I'd be a Klipsch owner.

3 grand for a used XA-25? Also, if there are no side walls I can only assume you live outside.

@doni @daledeee1 @bjesien - appreciate the thoughtful suggestions.  I have my eye on a pair of Volti Razz.  I would definitely look at the Forte IV's but they are to wide for the tight space on the right side based on furniture layout. 

Plus they wouldn't fly with the wife- low WAF :) factor.  The Razz fit the space and are only 2 inches wider than the Zu's I have.  

I absolutely love my F8 and don't want to part with it at this point.  It sings with my system and I am 100% confident that an upgraded speaker will take it up a level.  When its time the Pass XA 25 would be my choice.  I have spied that on for $3K and doubt it will last. 

@wolf_garcia - yes, check out the X25's on USAM  There are 2 available - $3250 and $3600.  Also note your assumption is incorrect.  System is inside a brick walled house with plenty of room from the side of the speakers to the space leading to the parapet walls, cannon ports and moat.