Spica Angelus

Vintage tube or solid state integrated amp or receiver that will work well with them? Thank you for any information.
Owned the Angelus back around 1990 and thought they were wonderful.  Their limitation was that they could not play real loud and they did not have deep bass.  I'd be very wary of using them with a high power amplifier since they woofer is easily damaged and cannot be readily replaced.  I drove them with a British Fidelity A100 (50 watts).
That Idecco is fine.  I saw a Nova 125SE for $575 on Audio Mart.  Also good.  I run tubes and the Peachtree on my TC50s and find the Peachtree a better match. Your Angelus are a tad easier to drive than my 50s however. I still think the Peachtree is a solid buy and great sounding combo for little money.  
The gentleman wants $300 for the idecco which I probably could talk him down a bit.