Spica Angelus

Thought I'd post the question here as well as the speakers category.Integrated amp with or without phono section in the $500 range to match well with the above stated speakers?$500 range would probably be the used market?
Luxman 1120 receiver, any vintage Luxman rated at 70wpc or more will drive these well.  Exposure or English made Onix 120 integrated will also match well.
Have read where someone used a Creek 5350se with these speakers with good results but curious to find more information about other choices?
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There is a Peachtree Nova65SE + Pro-Ject tube phono stage available now on an EBay auction for $400 (free shipping). No bidders and ending tomorrow July 15 at 3:22 PM. This has a built-in DAC and a tube buffer stage! Outstanding value!