Spica TC-50 and amp advice

I was recently given a pair of Spica TC-50 speakers and am not sure which direction I should go regarding an amplifier. In the meantime, a friend is letting me borrow his Baldwin 6L6 tube amp. I'll also be running a PS Audio IV preamp, California Audio Labs CL-10 cd player and a Rega turntable. I'm newly divorced and finally get to enjoy my equipment. My new living room is approximately 13'x14', and I have thousands of live shows I've collected through the years and want to be able to get the best out of what I'm working with. I've budgeted $500 for an amp and don't know which route to go. Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
Has anyone ever paired Sumo Nine or Hafler DH-220 with a pair of Spica TC-50s?

If so what were your thoughts on the combination?

I gave my spicas to my sister with a onix 21 inter. It was a killer setup. I wish I had not. With a used lp12. Heaven
I've owned the TC-50s (and 60s and Angelus) on many occasions and found one of the best synergistic fits to be the venerable B&K ST 140. One zigs where the other zags and the result is better than either on its own. Really, any of the older B&K amps would be a great choice as they all had that warm mosfet sound. Great thing about it you can often find a ST-140 for around $150-200. Best of luck to you in your search.
Hi coffee2 and Texas42

Thanks for the input. I'm contempating the Spica TC-50 speakers still. I did see some B&K ST-140 amps on sale here but I'm really attached to my Sumo Nine and Hafler DH-220. Now I have to find proper stands for the Spcia TC-50s. I have these Pangea surround sound speaker stands that might not provide enough support for them. I'm kicking myself for not keeping a pair of Standesign speaker stands I had. They would have been perfect for the Spica TC-50s.