Spikes versus wall coupling

I have a Polk SRS-SDA 2.3 speakers. They are 185 lbs each and currently sit on thier furniture glides on a maple floor, over subfloor, over trusses. No carpet. They have a passive radiator for lowest base at the bottom of the cabinet, and I roll to a subwoofer at 60HZ. I like to move them occasionally so have been reluctant to use spikes.

My question is what am I really missing sound wise? And would wall coupling do as well as spikes. I can put them on some marble slabs,as another alternative, or remove the glides and have the bottom fully sit on the floor, o rthe marble. I do not have a turntable. Or should I spike them despite the hassle?
I personally am enjoying the thread, being the curious and obsessive type. I want to penetrate to a good understanding if possible. All your comments are helping me do this. I think I am leaning right now to just putting a big rock on top of my speakers and resting them directly in sand, lol. Unless of couse Barry's product is cheaper than I expect - just kidding Barry, you have been devoted in trying to explain this and I appreciate it emmensely and asked for a price quote today.
I am also an very intuitiive guy - make a living teaching meditation, and intuitively I dont like spikes.
The best part of my day is when I turn on the music. As a thank you gift for all of you who have responded, I would like to turn you on to two recordings that I have recently purchased that are splendid. Both recordings are beautifully done. The first Is Al Lee's Ain't Playing the Game by MapleShade (acuostic guitar, great lyrics described as James Taylor with cojones). The second is Arcadi Volodos Piano Transcriptions by Sony - amazingly beautiful in everyway.
Hi Newbee,

I can empathize with people who may feel overwhelmed with the numerous (seemingly) conflicting theories and the multitude of products on the market.

The most important aspect to vibration control is understanding the nature of the problem. Without that, it will not be possible to design the most effective means to deal with contaminating vibration. Most manufacturers only seem to consider floor-borne vibration that is sourced from the loudspeaker and do not address other sources and forms of floor-borne vibration let alone internally generated or air-borne vibration. It is also critical that the designer be very familiar with a wide range of materials and how they interact with each other as well as having the appropriate measurement equipment to assess how well the devices address the problem.


Gammajo, Thank you for your recommendations. Since you bring up Volados, I would most highly recommend to you his Schubert solo piano works on Sony. This is not only outstanding playing, an excellent recording, but who would ever have guessed that Volados could play such sensitive Schubert.

On another matter, you teach mediation - I'm on the other end, utilizing mediation extensively to resolve civil litigation cases before trial. Great system and tons of fun for those who are or would become skilled negotiators (you've added another person to the mix who requires more attention than the other side!). Keep up the good work.
Direct coupling if implemented and properly performed increases the likley hood of sucessfull resonance transfer.Ask your loved one for further comment..Tom