Spiral Groove 1.1 or 2 tables

I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with either of the Spiral Groove tables? Maybe you've owned one in the past or have one now?

Was hoping you could tell me what you loved about the table as well as those things you didn't quite like about it.

What arms have you used on the table and the pro's and con's between them?

What tables did the Spiral Groove replace and/or what replaced the Spiral Groove and how did they compare?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
I own a Spiral Groove SG 1.1 and an AMG V12, and a Clearaudio Innovation Wood (yes, I have an addiction to turntables).

The SG 1.1 is the highest performing of the bunch as far as resolution, noise floor, etc. I am running a Goldfinger Statement cartridge on it so it is like listening to master tapes -- speakers disappear and large spacious sound stage. The cuing is a love it or hate it proposition as it is not damped (you raise or lower it with your own speed/finger on the cuing mechanism -- so it is natural dampening). The spiral groove looks great and I love the bayonet style tonearm mechanism - ingenious...makes it easy to have multiple tonearms without having all of them mounted at once. The AMG is a bit warmer sounding and has incredible cuing and record clamp out of the bunch. At this level the cartridge and quality of recording will be the bigger difference in sound than the tonearm and table I believe.
You've got three really great tables there! I think I could be very happy with either the SG or the AMG…..unfortunately, life has been throwing a lot of curve balls at me lately so a new table has just gotten lowered on my list of priorities for the time being. Thankfully I still have a great sounding system to listen to in the meantime.

Maybe in about a year's time, you'll grow tired of one or the other, and I can help take it off your hands! Just don't do it too soon, lol.
The predecessors to the Spiral Groove TTs were the RPM TTs. I have an RPM 1 with the RPM arm which I have owned for over 20 years. I have never had any problems with it and it still works perfectly. The build quality of these TTs is extraordinary as are there sonic attributes. Unfortunately they are rather expensive BUT you are getting a product that may well last a lifetime.