Spotify for classical music lovers

I listen to mostly Classical music.  I’m new to the world of streaming and find it amazing that almost any classical recording extant is available in near CD quality sound with just a touch on a tablet.  Spotify seems to have it all for only a $5 or $6 fee a month without interruptions.
Anyone who hasn’t discovered this avalability should look into it.
 It’s truly fantastic.
+1. Rvpiano.
Though some dismiss Spotify for not having High Rez output, I find the search and 'Discover' titles to be a great source of new music/composers.
Hopefully, with their IPO, they will consider offering a high resolution output to compete with Tidal and Quobuz-which is supposed to come to the US this year. I just got an email stating it won't be until Fall.
I also appreciate the “Discover weekly” feature in Spotify, especially with Classical it seems very adept at honing in on things you might like.  I basically use Spotify to save a list of titles to then purchase on CD or in hi res at some future date. 

For popular music creating a ”radio station” from a track you like also works well, not tried it with classical
I stream Spotify through my Gungy DAC, which, I believe doesn’t support hi-res files anyway..
I enjoy yourclassical for streaming. Curated shows with background and interesting special features. And free.