Spotify for classical music lovers

I listen to mostly Classical music.  I’m new to the world of streaming and find it amazing that almost any classical recording extant is available in near CD quality sound with just a touch on a tablet.  Spotify seems to have it all for only a $5 or $6 fee a month without interruptions.
Anyone who hasn’t discovered this avalability should look into it.
 It’s truly fantastic.
I'm new to streaming and plan on trying Spotify over Tidal due to the better Classical selection and interface.

Has anybody tried Primephonic?
I subscribed to Primephonic but then unsubscribed because it didn’t allow me to use Chromecast Audio to play over my system.  Also, it’s more expensive than Spotify and I can’t imagine it having as many titles available.
Yes its true. You can import your playlist from another place to spotify using MusConv . visit for more details. MusConv
I use Bluesound Nodes. Primephonic is supposed to be offered in the near future. When it is, I will subscribe, and drop Tidal.
Also, Quobuz is supposed to be coming to the US before years' end.