Spotify for classical music lovers

I listen to mostly Classical music.  I’m new to the world of streaming and find it amazing that almost any classical recording extant is available in near CD quality sound with just a touch on a tablet.  Spotify seems to have it all for only a $5 or $6 fee a month without interruptions.
Anyone who hasn’t discovered this avalability should look into it.
 It’s truly fantastic.
I actually used to have Spotify as well, but very often got frustrated with the search function, that very often did not yield the results I wanted. I then came across a service called Primephonic that was promoting it's search functionality and lossless audio, so I decided to give it a try and now I am hooked, to the point that I even cancelled my Spotify account and chose a lossless subscription with them instead and have really been enjoying it for the last few months. I can truly recommend it!
I am a Tidal subscriber and primarily a classical listener.  I am listening to Primephonic Platinum with a 14 day trial and must say the audio quality is noticeably better than listening to the same recordings on Tidal (hifi).  I am signing up for Primephonic at the end of the trial (14.94 per month) .  Keeping Tidal too as Primephonic is classical only.  I recommend trying it. 
I ended up going to Quobuz. Higher rez and a pretty complete catalog.
Spotify seems to have the edge, but Quobuz is pretty close to having everything.
I had Qobuz for a few months.  The problem I had with it was it didn’t have nearly the search engines that IDAGIO has for classical music.
I have given up Qobuz because on my computer it had numerous faults the most annoying was that when listening to say a symphony that had four or more movements it would jump from say the first to the third then go back to the second and then maybe to the fifth . It would also stop or no reason at all and if you left it where it was it could start again in 2 minutes or 10. No I couldn't put up with it and when you complained about it they only referred me to the members forum . No for the money they charged it just wasn't good enough, I still haven't made up my mind who I will go to.