Spotify HiFi

Looks like it may actually happen this time. Curious to know what the final monthly will be for this tier?
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And if I remember correctly, Spotify HiFi will be CD quality bit rate.

CD quality?  Wow, that’s great, ehem.  Qobuz has been offering CD quality as its base resolution rate for years, and much of their content and almost all their new content is available in hi-res for about $13/month last I looked.  Talk about behind the curve.  Jeez.  Enjoy waiting for Spotify to finally offer something that’s still not competitive.


Very sad news.  I had Spotify premium for a while.  In my opinion, between Tidal,Qobuz,and Spotify, Spotify hands down has the superior library. They also have the best app out of the three.  Unfortunately, the sound quality is the poorest.  I currently have a subscription to Qobuz.  I was actually looking forward to going back to Spotify when I heard they were going to offer HiFi.  I guess their idea of HiFi and mine are different. 

As an audiophile, with subscriptions to Roon and Qobuz, unless Spotify while offer hires and be workable within Roon, I don’t need it.  

spotify's continuing tease of a hifi tier is massively annoying and verges on securities manipulation. there are plenty of subscribers who would pay more for hifi even if competitors bundle it for free and/or have higher rez--spotify still has the best UI and catalog-- and it's a major misstep for them to be playing this game.

@rocray @loomisjohnson agree that Spotify has the best UI and library in comparison to all the other streaming services. These two variables (library and UI) are important to my listening habits, which lean more towards music discovery than critical listening - still wish Spotify HiFi will be higher resolution than CD quality, though. In respect to Spotify and Roon - doubtful there would ever be a partnership, but I have seen rumblings about an Apple and Roon partnership.