Spotify HiFi

Looks like it may actually happen this time. Curious to know what the final monthly will be for this tier?
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@rocray @loomisjohnson agree that Spotify has the best UI and library in comparison to all the other streaming services. These two variables (library and UI) are important to my listening habits, which lean more towards music discovery than critical listening - still wish Spotify HiFi will be higher resolution than CD quality, though. In respect to Spotify and Roon - doubtful there would ever be a partnership, but I have seen rumblings about an Apple and Roon partnership.

@toro3 the real solution for the apps is streaming via the upnp solutions like tidal connect or Spotify connect. (Aparently Qobuz coming soon). These solutions support high res as the streamer streams direct from the internet (network).

Doing that lets the app makers have their app as the experience and not that of the streamer service or streamer company. This means someone like Qobuz who put effort around the music, with stories and other content, have another unique selling point. 

Unfortunately this is going to make something like Roon have a smaller market. A good thing is that streamers will be able to be judged on sound quality rather than the quality of the app and sound - to me a win win. 

to bring this all back to the thread I recently swapped for Spotify to get hires from Qobuz via my temporary streamer a WiiM mini. I also use Apple Music because I use it for my teenagers. 

sadly Spotify doesn’t seem to be focusing enough attention to music - the primary reason I dropped them was all the podcast crap complicating the app. The secondary reason was I wanted hi-res. 


@kiwiscott completely agree with everything you said. The Connect feature utilizing the network and bypassing Bluetooth (for example) while still allowing you to stay in your platform’s app (Tidal/Spotify) is handy and convenient. I also echo your sentiment towards the podcast on Spotify- it was literally like spam be plastered across the landing page. 

To those who care, news dropped this morning. Looking through some of the articles there were a few key points: 

- Internally named "Supremium." 

- Whether high-fidelity is beyond CD-quality is still a mystery (my bet is on CD-quality). 

- Most notably, plan will launch in non-US markets first and then in the US sometime in October, 2023. 

- Pricing unknown, but survey had been sent some time ago to users inquiring about a $19.99 platinum plan. 

Some of the few sources:


Have been forced to use Roon with Tidal and Qobuz to get near the artist content available via Spotity and not suffer hi res quality using Spotify. I have become accustomed to Roon but hate not being able to listen to my playlists in the car or outside my house. I have a massive amount of playlist to convert back to Spotify but look forward to this for sure. Good bye Roon!