Spotify Premium vs Tidal ... opinions?

50's,60,s be-bop jazz, movie themes, vocals, old rock (Cream, Doors, King Crimson)...(newer rock AC DC, Led Zeppelin)

amps... Quicksilver 90 Watt Silver monos, Quicksilver LS preamp

speakers... Fritz prototype stand mounts, ScanSpeak 5" Illuminator mid/bass & ScanSpeak 9700 tweeters, Skylan stands... 12x15 room

dac... Musical Fidelity M1 A

I've used Spotify Premium for months. I sometimes stream it to my Creek 5350se and Totem Arros via a Gramofon. I think the Gramofon has a decent/fair DAC. Spotify Premium streams at 320kbps.

I tried Tidal's premium hifi feature today.

I ended up comparing tracks from the two services. Tidal clearly sounds better. CLEARLY.

And this is coming from a guy who thinks a solid gauge lamp cord speaker wire is generally fine.

I'm going to stay with Tidal and now work on getting it to a DAC (somehow) at the Creek.

Digital can sound so good.
Philip O’Hanlon Playlists from On Higher Note are highly recommended.  These outstanding playlists were created by Philip from On High Note and are posted on Tidal via a user created playlist.  You can sample the various songs on this link.  Box of Fun is terrific.

From the above link, there is a button that allows you to listen to the playlist on Tidal.  Once you are on the Tidal screen, you can immediately log into your Tidal account and make the above playlist a favorite so that it is SAVED to your account. This will enable you to find and play the playlist from your Tidal account.  It is not the best solution but it works.

Thanks for posting that link, @hgeifman  

I look forward to hearing some of those playlists.
I stream Spotify via airplay...hardly hear difference between premium and free. Denon AVR, NHT speakers throughout the house.