Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Google Play vs. Tidal: Which is Best

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For me Amazon Music HD is the best. The selection of Spotify with a better sound quality and at a lower cost than the the other HD services. I did try Tidal and the selection wasn’t there and not going all in on MQA it didn’t sound better than Amazon HD. Qobuz gets great reviews and the selection is improving. and I’m looking forward to a AHD Qobuz comparison when time permits. So, to answer the OP... NONE

Article was from 2017 so it's pretty out of date

Roon/Tidal.  My only regret is that I didn’t start using Roon earlier. As to Tidal vs. Quobuz, no particular reason other than I tried Tidal first & liked it enough that I didn’t bother to check out Quobuz (summary of online economy)

Spotify, however, seems much more social - easy to share & swap playlists, etc. - if they get to CD quality streaming, I might add a subscription 

Experimenting with some downloaded hi-res off of HD-tracks - just a couple albums to see if I can hear a difference etc (e.g., Billy Holiday’s Lady in Satin, hi-res download vs Tidal FLAC).  Don’t know if I have the right ears or gear. But experimenting part of the fun

Welcome feedback on the hi-res download sites - there seem to be about four or five serious ones. I do appreciate that people doing more & more reviews of hi-res downloads in their own right, esp. in comparison to physical editions, etc.

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when the hell is spotify going to roll out the hi-fi tier they've been promising forever?