Spy Game DVD on Toshiba SD-9000 Question

Do any of you have problems with this DVD showing subtitles throughout the movie. I have this problem, yet when I play the disc on my computer, it is ok.

I had this happen with the DVD's of Amadeus on a Toshiba player. You have to find the introduction page of the DVD and figure out what entry listed turns the subtitles off. Of course, it doesn't say that that's what it does; you just have to figure out which entry will do what and play around until you finally get it done. No one seems to have thought how great standardized cues or control labels would be on either DVD's or players. It seems as if most DVD introduction pages, and some players, have been designed by idiots.
I agree with the above. go to the DVD's menu screen. Click on languages or audio set-up. Click sub-titles off or no. That should do it. I've had the same problem with some discs on start up.
Have the same problem on SD-1700. Even if you go to the Menu and choose No Subtitles, subtitles will start popping up about 5 minutes later. I have heard that this is a known compatability problem with this disc and Toshiba players.
I rented the DVD from Blockbuster and when I went back to tell them about it, they said they have had a few people with the same complaints. No cure that I know of.
There are always combinations of DVDs and players that have some sort of glitch.
I have tried every combination and just like "smholl" it starts back up after 5 minutes or so. Very frustrating as this is an outstanding dvd with great sound. I guess I will have to wait until I need a new DVD player before I can enjoy this disc! Thanks to all who responded.....glad....and not so glad...I am not the only one seeing this problem.


Wait a minute..... You know what??? I had that same problem with my Toshiba too. And mines is a Toshiba SD-2700. What would happen is that at the beginning of the movie (like the beginning of all of my movies), a menu will always show up on the screen allowing you the opportunity to tell the player as to how you want to view the movie, to explore the DVD's special features (if it has any...... some of my DVD's don't have any special features at all), to view the trailer, or to preview a scene, and so forth. Well anyway, on this particular movie, I've selected Dolby Surround 5.1 (English Version), and then the cursor preceeded down toward "subtitles". And as usual, I selected none (and then I just told the player to JUST PLAY THE GODDAMN MOVIE, WILL YOU!!!!), and then I selected "play movie". And as you would know, the damn subtitles kept popping up again and again a few minutes later. After a few times of trying to correct this, I became frustrated and said "FORGET THIS". A half an hour into the film, I just pressed stop and then eject, and took the movie out of my player. I still have this movie in my collection right now. Maybe I should wait until I add a good CD Player to my audio system, which then, I will remove my Pioneer Elite DV-37 (it is connected to my audio system, and is used as a CD Player right now), and then hook it back up to my home theater. If and when I do that, I'll try it out with the DV-37 then, and see if it has the same problem with my Pioneer like it does with my Toshiba. If it turns out that it plays okay in the Pioneer, then I am going to conclude that the Toshiba may be at fault then. Now on the other hand, if it turns out that I have the same problem in the Pioneer as well, then I am going to conclude it's the movie that's at fault then, and not none of my players. Because if a disc is properly designed, then it should be able to play in ANY player without ANY problems in the first place. If not, then I have to say that I have wasted my money buying a movie that I am not going to ever enjoy. And that is going to be a shame. Because the movie has a good plot, and a great soundtrack.

So yes Craig, you're not the only one who sees this problem. Just about anyone who owns a Toshiba DVD Player, has that same problem with this DVD.