Squeaky Crosley CR66 turntable

My Aunt recently tried to paly some old vinyl on their Crosley CR66 that had been sitting idle for years since he passed away. Everything works except the turntable. It turns with a very loud squeaky sound as if it needs to be lubricated and the record platform is tilted to one side. I removed the platform and the squeaky sound is coming from the motor or the drive wheel. Without the belt in place the record platform sits level. 

How do I fix the squeaky drive? 


Crosley's are junk! Even a lowly MCS belt-drive with a P - mount cartridge is far better!

man deal with that. Crosleys are all like that. 

you can spray deoxit f5 all over, then spin and turn everything spins and turns and let it sit for an hour or two...