Squeeze Commander

Every now and then I come across something I just think is worthy of passsing on to this forum. Sometimes it's a piece of music, cable or gear but I run into these things and for whatever reason, I think you guys may like them too. So recently I learned about an app for my Droid that turns it in to a remote for my transporter called Squeeze Commander. Sounded mighty cool so I hunted it down, downloaded it and what a sweet thing! Now I am pretty high on the Droid anyway but this just raises it up a notch. Nothing gets used more in my house than the Transporter and now I can operate it from my phone! The Duet remote has become a lonely device. The screen on my phone is much bigger, higher resolution and the app displays artwork very well.
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I agree with Richard. I've been very happy with this app on my Droid. The developer has also provided updates which has improved the app considerably over the last few months. It also takes much less time to start up compared to the duet controller which takes some time to boot up before you can play music.
swampwalker...not sure that blackberry has apps at this point.

johsti...agree, great support and the developer is very open to suggestions to improve it. we talked yesterday about adding a setting which plays the balance of an album/folder if one song is selected. even in it's young state, it seems pretty intuitive and contains all the basic controls one would need. i particularly like the display.

i'm glad other folks are discovering it too.