Squeezebox touch-itunes or not?

I just set up a squeezebox. I am brand new to this. I have started to rip my CD collection to i-tunes library using WAV. First is WAV better than using Apple Lossless? and when the SB server pulls data from I-tunes and sends it to the SB touch does it stay in High Res? Just want to know that I am getting best sound from this process or if I need to save cd's outside of i-tunes to get the best sound quality? I have also read about FLAC? Right now the SB touch is not sounding as good as my Cambridge Audio 840C CD Player. I am running the SB touch through the Cambridge Audio 840C DAC. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks
Get outta ITunes. Pickup J River Media Centre or Foobar,etc and do proper rips. Stick with FLAC and Hi-rez is assured and easy to tag/label unlike WAV.
Thanks Spinaker01. I set up Foobar2000 yesterday and ripped about 20 cd's. Getting the FLAC to pull into foobar was a bit of a challenge for me but it is working with FLAC now. It does sound better and I am liking the squeezebox now.
Jamo, I have just setup the similar setup but not run the SB thru my CA 740C as it was in for repair. Which way are you running the SB in via? I have the same take without using the CA DaC...The SB sounds decent but not as good as the 740C.Still the convenience is a major factor as I have 1000s of digital files I use with my Ipod for work, communting ec. I will watch your post for info too. Good luck.