Squeezebox Touch repair?

I have a squeezebox Touch that won't power on after I used he wrong power supply on it. These have become very expensive since Logitech discontinued them so I am pursuing a repair option. Anyone know of a company or individual that works on them?
Logitech says they are continuing to provide customer support for Squeezebox products. Have you tried calling them?
I would try contacting Logitech directly for advice on how to proceed. Their Squeezebox help line is 877-887-8889. The SBT is currently quite pricey to purchase new or used so hopefully it can be repaired at a reasonable price.
Good luck!
Thanks for the tips but I have tried them. I called Logitech directly and while they were very courteous, they told me repeatedly that there are no Touches available as replacements. They would be glad to refund my purchase price but I don't want the money, I want my Touch.