SRA or Symposium?

Hi folks, I've always want to know which base is the most musical: the SRA (Ohio class) or Symposium Ultra? What do you prefer: to use a large base or to use several "feet" under the component? Or are the feet in fact the "poor man's" version of the base?

I have had both, and still use the SRA. The Symposium was not nearly as natural sounding. It makes things sound artificially bright, mostllikely due to the aluminum construction. The SRA come with feet that are supposed to be used as part of the isolation system.
"....Symposium was not nearly as natural sounding. It makes things sound artificially bright.."
Which component were you using with the Symposium & did you use their couplers? Have you tried Symposium's RollerBlocks with their platforms?
So far my experience with the Symposium has been largely positive (& musical) & I do not have access to SRA product in Oz to compare.
FWIW, I was using Maple wood blocks & metal cones/spikes under my components before switching to Symposium which is a significant improvement particularly in the retrieval of details.

I have not had access to a Symposium. Previously, I had several less than state-of-the-art isolation systems. Frankly, none were very good.

After months of research last year, including to talking to several designer-makers, I decided on SRA. I am extremely pleased with the results and can give the highest recommendation to SRA.


I agree wholly with Ed (Cipherjuris)...Furthermore, you have a balancing act to do with feet...where do you place them, will it topple, etc...

When i put in my SRA amp stand, the bass tightened up very quickly and my untreated room...

Another product that you may wish to consider is the Critical Mass Systems which I am considering next for my Pre and Source...

I have tried HRS Nimbus (not so good), Stillpoints (good), SOund MEchanics (okay), Cardas Blocks (okay)....

instead of looking at individual products, think of your you want to put your components separately or on a rack...this will help your decision making...

Hope this helps...