Srangest ,most out there sounding music

Whats really thrown you for a loop!
first time I heard David Bowie album "Diamond Dogs"I thought it was out there, today it seems pretty tame,also when VanHalens first album came out me and my guitar playing buddys jaws hit the floor ,,hard.
Any music from Tibet, religeous or profane. My girlfriend thinks Sun Ra is the strangest vinyl ever to grace the turntable but she has no idea. Throbbing gristle is a contender as well as Marcel Marceau the pantomime artist from the 60s.
Little Black Egg, by the Nightcrawlers; I still have not figured out what the hell it means, let alone why the song exists in the first place. If anyone knows the history of this song I would be very appreciative.
Pink Fairies - Never Never Land, early 70's British Acid Rock. This has been remastered and still sounds great today. I had an old scratched up LP I got from my cousin around 1976 or so. Standout tracks are Do It and Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out.

Nash the Slash - Children of the Night, saw him twice in the early 80's. Very unique, he performs wrapped in bandages like a mummy. Music is great too, out there indeed.