SS Amp Choices

I presently have a First Watt F8 and was beginning the process of looking at a few Solid State Class AB amps that I could utilize in my system, giving me additional power and flexibility with future speaker choices - running Zu DW 6 Supremes at this time.   I would be pairing the amp with my Modwright LS 100.  Price wise the range for new/used would be $3 - 4K.  My research to date has uncovered the following possibilities -  NIB Van Alstine DVA Set 500, NIB Benchmark AHB2, and a lightly used Anthem P2. I have seen a few Pass 150.8 amp offerings but these are top of my range plus for used.   I realize there are many choices available and wanted to get some thoughts from this group.  Note I will likely keep my F8 as I am attached to it.  


Check out Magnus Audio. The are made in California. I have the MA400 from them & it's wonderful. I suspect they make a few models in your price range. They also occasionally come up used. 


Since you like your F8 I thought this Plinius Class A amp might be worth mentioning as it has a low-bias mode so you can leave it on without killing your electric bill…

Here’s a McCormack DNA 225 that’s well below your price range but is a great amp that’ll power just about anything you throw at it…

Best of luck.

I liked the SST Son of Ampzilla 2 better than the AVA Set 500 in my Von Schweikert VR-4/ Audible Illusions rig. I see the Music Room has a used one on sale for 2 grand. YMMV