SS amp for B&W 801ms2 Emotiva XPA1 or W4S SX100

Looking for amp(s) for a pair of B&W 801s2.
Budget of ~2K hopefully less.
Looking at the Emotiva or the Wyred for sound 1k mono blocks.

Would appreciate any feedback on anyone who has compared the two or has other suggestions.

Also was considering a used Bryston 4bsst.

I ran my 801/2 matrix with a Threshold S300/series 2 amplifier with Classe 5 Solid state Preamp and Audio Rsearch SP-11 ( tubes ) preamp and both combo's were excellent..The S/Series Threshold amps were a great match for the the 801/2 speakers......
Friend, what the F does Threshold series have to do with the question re: Emotiva or W4S? Geez, read the post man.
xpa1 good amp sound good and plenty of clean power I own them ,and have friend that own them to pushing b&w 801ms2s they love the sound and power of the amps