SS amp for Merlin VSMs?

Is there anyone who has found an SS amp that they prefer to tube amps with their Merlins? I have most recently owned CAT JL2, Atma-spehre M-60, Music Reference RM9 Special Edition and RM10MKII, Quicksilver V4s, and the Ars Sonum integrated (In each and everyone sound terrific with the Merlins). For SS, I did try Pass XA30.5 and First Watt Aleph J, but did not prefer them to my tube amps (I now use Music Reference RM10s - summer; and the Atma-spehere M60s the rest of the year).

So, any great SS sucess stories with the Merlins up against the kind of tube gear I have owned? Or is that just a elusive chase?
I was always pleased with the Plinius SA100 MkIII on my TSM-MX's. This was with a Reference Line passive and later with the Joule LA100 MkIII preamp.

I now have the Filarmonia integrated amp, but miss having my amp powered on 24/7 where I could sit for a quick listen anytime.

I know you're familiar with all of the "usual SS reco's"
I have had my Merlin vsm's since the 90's and from my own experience I can say that the best sound has always been with tube amps, especially my Atma-spheres. I took my Merlin's out of storage about a month ago when the weather got cool in Florida and I could live with the 1000 watts of heat that my amps put into the room,in another month I will go back to my Magnapan's with my sold state which runs 90% cooler.
That has been my experience too. I was hoping to see if someone who has used them with tubes (someting like the Joule, Atma, Berning, CAT or Fila) and found SS that they found to be just as good with their Merlins - might not be possible.
The SS amps I've used include the Odyssey Stratos monos, Krell KSA 50s and TAD Hibachis. All worked very well, but I preferred the TADs over the Krell over the Odysseys. The TADs were also the least expensive choice.

That said, I too, prefer a good tube amp (I've tried Prima Luna 7s, ARC VT 130SE, Cary 300B and 805 mono SET amps, among others) with these speakers. The Hibachis are very satisfying, nonetheless.

I just saw that you can get a pair of the TADs for $500 -- How is that possible? They do look interesting.