SS amp for Merlin VSMs?

Is there anyone who has found an SS amp that they prefer to tube amps with their Merlins? I have most recently owned CAT JL2, Atma-spehre M-60, Music Reference RM9 Special Edition and RM10MKII, Quicksilver V4s, and the Ars Sonum integrated (In each and everyone sound terrific with the Merlins). For SS, I did try Pass XA30.5 and First Watt Aleph J, but did not prefer them to my tube amps (I now use Music Reference RM10s - summer; and the Atma-spehere M60s the rest of the year).

So, any great SS sucess stories with the Merlins up against the kind of tube gear I have owned? Or is that just a elusive chase?
hi gentlemen,
the vsm is slightly rolled in the hf so it will not stick out there. they also sound more continuous from top to bottom than what you have presently. focal's bbc style response (mid range dip) can make the bass sound lumpy and the hf sound thin or pushed. jmtc.
use a good copper speaker wire and a single run with merlin jumpers for the best sound and to balance the hf and lf.
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damping factor 103

very good match with merlins all SS