SS Amp for natural vocals

I would like to find a solid state amp that does vocals really well. One that gives you that real sounding, in the room sound. I have a c-j 17LS2 preamp and Dali Helicon 400 speakers, which can do this reasonably well. Now I need an amp that can bring vocalists into my room. Thanks.
Linar Audio is fantastic with vocals...I own a Linar 250i as well as the Linar Class A. (oh, and btw, the class a does not run hot at all.)
Had CJ MF-2250A, had ARC 100.2 (exceptional), listened to BAT Vk500 (w/bat pak) extensively (ARC 100.2 was tops), had ARC VT100mkii, had many McCormacks, now have Pass x250.5...the Pass is the closest to the VT100mkii on vocals as any other, but beats that tube amp on treble definition, bass drive, dynamic swing, speed, detail retrieval, to name a few... nothing but a top tube amp yields that intoxicating vocal delivery..but then again you need to examine your trade space--what are you willing to sacrifice for the ultimate vocals?