SS amps for VSA VR4jr

I'm going to build a second rig for another room and I want it to be completely opposite of my main rig(45SET/single driver). Speakers are the VSA VR4jrs,Wyred for sound DAC2,all MIT cables. The amps I've owned and loved before are Passlabs X250 and the Coda S12. I'm open to some experienced suggestions. I need to stay under $3000.00 used. Thanks in advance.
if you've owned and loved pass amps before, why not stick with what you know and try pass again? seems like the best way to avoid a few go-around on the merry-go-round!
Srosenberg, Good point but I've got no experience with the VR4jr and I'm not sure how the Pass would work with them. I was posting this thread for the advise of those who have these speakers and have tried many amps so as I wouldn't get on another merry-go-round.
I used to drive a pair of VR-4 HSEs with a Coda CSi-B integrated, and the pairing was magical: big, bold, huge soundstaging, excellent detail, thunderous bass, and excellent tonality. I eventually switched to a pair of Definitive Technology Mythos STS speakers, and the effect is still magical. Great amps and tremendous values.