SS integrated amp that has tube like qualities

I'm looking for someone who has real experience with several solid state integrated amplifiers that could provide me with a recommendation.

I'm looking for a solid state integrated, if one exists, with a tube like presentation. I mostly listen to male and female vocalists and are looking for an integrated that excells in midrange warmth/bloom, and richness/sweetness, while maintaining sonic clarity.

I believe that the Ayre may meet my expectations, but is a bit expensive even in the used market.

Are there any other less expensive choices? Thanks in advance...

Please do not recommend any class D amplification. I have had several, including the new Wyred and they are not my cup of tea.
Sfrounds, Sorry, you can't get there from here. If you want all the benefits of tubes, buy tube electronics. However, a recommendation for a very good sounding solid state amplifier is Mark Levinson 20.5. You will not be disappointed with the sound and it shouldn't have a problem driving your speakers, whatever they might be.

Ayre does not sound like tubes at all. Nor does Rowland, a popular recommendation. McIntosh is the only SS that sounds remotely like tubes to me due to the autoformers--but even the Mcs don't have the layered midrange that tubes provide.

Based on the particulars of your needs---get a tube integrated. There are many that are quite good and not expensive. Check out the Stingray for instance. It also depends on what speakers you are running, of course.
A brand that flies under the radar is Primare.

I've had lots of gear over the years and currently have one of their integrated units. Definitely worth looking into.

Getting into the tube vs. SS debate is pointless IMO, so I'll simply say listen to as many pieces as you can & go from there.
I have owned quite a few integrated amps over the years and the amp that meets your description best is the Portal Panache. Now to put that in perspective I have only owned one tube amp in the last five years so take my recommendation for what it's worth.
Cmalac, I believe you missed the point. The issue isn't "his" knowledge, it's the requisite knowledge necessary to give sound advise. The Op is asking for specific amplifier recommendations. Are you suggesting that the sensitivity and impedance of his speakers won't have any influence on your recommendation.