SSM w/Rim Drive - Cloud 11 Vibration issues?

I was wondering if any other members have run into a vibration problem. I upgraded my SSM with the Rim Drive. I also use the the Cloud 11 vibration control system. The Rim Drive is creating vibration to the 11 platform. This creates a slight wobble to the tone arm. VPI was extremely helpful and they are sending new motor mount feet. They aren't sure that this will fix the problem. But they state that the new feet will give a little to the vibration control. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, what coarse of action did you take to compensate? Thank you in advance for your input!
These posts suggest that there is a significant amount of noise & instability generated by VPI rim-drive motor/flywheel assembly. It would be interesting to compare this to Teres rim-drive, which is allegedly a quiet motor. Sayonara.
I am actually using a soft gummy kind of material that once was a mouse pad. Naturally, I tried many different materials, but this was better than the felt. I am very happy with my rim drive setup now. It is far better than when the belts provided the power.

It sounds like noise has been the biggest drawback of any rim/direct drive mechanism. I don't know much about the Teres drive but I'm sure they've come up with their own set of solutions. I also feel that with the use of the flywheel the VPI has great potential to be a smooth and low noise drive system. Figuring out the optimal setup is the challenge as with anything else but I think the rewards will be worth the trouble. I still have my belts handy but I'm not planning on using them again anytime soon.
Harry told me that Pearson thinks the Superscout with the rim drive is fabulous. There is a review of it which hasn't been published yet. I suppose when these "little bugs" get exterminated, they will run the review.
Wish they'd come out with the single motor/flywheel combo version of the rim drive.
Also wondering if I'll have to change my isolation (assuming they do produce the rim drive for mine). Now the motor sits on a platform raised slightly above the Gingko. Hoping the slight give of the Gingko will negate the need for softer feet on the motor. Really like the Gingko under there.