ST 70 best sounding version?

Thanks for reading and for your input.  I am thinking of acquiring another tube amp to use in a secondary system and there are so many versions of the Dynaco ST70 available (will Vincent, latino, van alstine, etc).  Has anybody heard several and any feedback would be greatly appreciated....Ralph/Atma too!   Cheers!
Why not try the newest iteration? Back when I was modding these(1980s), Joe Curcio providing numerous tips that helped me maximize their performance. ie: much more capacitance in the power supply(two 5AR4s wouldn’t have hurt, but- would have required, at least, another filament trans). When the original went out of production, some 350,000 had been sold. Certainly, a major feather in David Hafler’s hat, if not the most popular stereo amp, in audio history.
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I'm partial to Bob Latino's version but the only other one I've heard is the original and I'm going from memory there.

I have built a pair of Mark IIIs from the Triode Electronics kit and the power supply upgrades are nice but the chassis is more utilitarian than Bob's.

There's enough stuff out there you could build any kind of 70 you want.
I was searching for the link that rodman provided. I have not heard the new series 3, but it is selling for $1,500 when its price when it was introduced just a couple of years ago was $3,000, so it was obviously not too popular.

So bear in mind I have not heard it or any of the modded ones, but it is the one I would purchase. I do have the original ST70 with the desirable cloth lead transformers (I think that what they were referred to as), an original with the Japanese sourced transformers and a series 2 made by the Panor corporation. I just purchased another amp and will be putting these up for sale when I get around to it since I don’t need them all.
The latest issue of TAS has a review of a new version of the ST70. Looks pretty impressive!