Stack Audio Auva Isolator

I just ordered a set of these. They are supposed to be better than the Iso-Acoustics or even the Townshend podiums for speakers.

Anyone try these yet?

Auva Isolator - Stack Audio



@ ozzy

Thanks for the update! I primarily listen to acoustic string instruments and some jazz and feel much less cabinet interactions, giving me a more spacious and dimensional soundstage after installing the AUVAs. 🎡🎢


Just ordered the AUVA 100's. I will compare them to Podiums. Josh sent me a discount code that is good for this week, saved $91.86. The 30 day return may be of use. We will see.


Thanks. I agree! BTW, it looks like in your system page you had the Iso-Acoustic footers,


I am interested in your comparison.


I've been looking at the Auva EQ's for my components/rack and Puritan 156. I have Solid Air Audio - Dark Stars (UK company) under my ATC SCM40's, but from the comments here, I maybe looking at the Auva 70's or 100's

I have an old suspended wooden floor, with a layer of Oak floor panelling over the top; wondering which model would be more beneficial

@ ozzy

Definitely need to update my system page 😊

Major component upgrades to include one of a kind top shelf builders; Radu Tarta 4P1L DHT Tube Pre-Amp and Ken’s outstanding 300b PP 20 Watts Mono Blocks Amps from Otoman Labs, Japan.