Stack Audio Auva Isolator

I just ordered a set of these. They are supposed to be better than the Iso-Acoustics or even the Townshend podiums for speakers.

Anyone try these yet?

Auva Isolator - Stack Audio



Yes, the AUVA 100's arrived Monday. So far I have compared several tracks I know well and that I felt could sound better. Along with tracks that reviewers used to describe the AUVA sound. The AUVA's are besting the Podiums in clarity. Not night and day, but instruments and vocals are more clear. And tracks that sounded a little boomy before now have better low end articulation with no boom. One of the reviewer's test tracks, No Time To Die by Billie Eilish (not on my radar before, but I get it now) sounded fine with the Podiums. And with the AUVA's her voice/lyrics, which was not that easy to understand before, was cleaner and the vibrato was easily distinguishable and her voice is now floating in space better. The orchestral section was a little cloudy before, and now clean. Soundstage width is about the same, but depth is slightly improved. For me, complex music is the most improved, where smaller simpler music less so, or not significant. I took notes on my test tracks with the Podiums and then with the AUVA's. Have not switched back to the Podiums yet. 125 pound speakers and carpet spikes on the AUVA's is a chore to swap. All digital so far, Qobuz and SACD. No vinyl yet, but I will get to it.

Has anyone tried the lowly AUVA 50s? For the "bargain" price, are they in the neighborhood of their bigger brothers?

Thanks, nwres for your update.

I think... as they continue to settle the sound improves. Although my speakers weigh about 239 lb. each so that may matter.

ozzy62, Like your moniker...

From what I can determine the difference between the products has more to do with increased isolation. So, to me go for the model 100 to obtain the most effectiveness.


The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel has reviewed both the 70 and 50. Like Ozzy stated, Hans also said you get more isolation. I went for the 100, but I bet the 70 would be great also. 




Big thanks for opening this thread as I first targeted Gaia, then Townsend, but this seems better.  Much appreciated