Stack Audio Auva Isolator

I just ordered a set of these. They are supposed to be better than the Iso-Acoustics or even the Townshend podiums for speakers.

Anyone try these yet?

Auva Isolator - Stack Audio



The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel has reviewed both the 70 and 50. Like Ozzy stated, Hans also said you get more isolation. I went for the 100, but I bet the 70 would be great also. 




Big thanks for opening this thread as I first targeted Gaia, then Townsend, but this seems better.  Much appreciated 


Thank you.

It is the best of the three. Kinda plain looking, and it doesn’t stick out in the room.

I hope you get them; I would be interested in your thoughts.


So if they apply for a patent in the good old USA they may be in violation of my patent for that method for legs and points under speakers and equipment. Also applies to resonance grounding of musical instruments. Isolation can only exist in the absence of matter. Oh they can’t grasp that reality. If they could then they would better understand how to make more and better music.TomD

I received my 3x EQ CSA 2’s yesterday; they came with wafer-thin, rubber like discs I assumed to sit on top of the EQ’s and act as a protection for the underside of the component, and/or to prevent slippage? I used them as such anyway

To be honest, even after reading and watching reviews, I thought the EQ’s would have an affect, but I tend to temper my expectations these days on tweaks like these, expecting maybe a slight improvement in separation within tracks, but nothing earth shattering.

I tried the EQ’s as a test to determine whether it would be worthwhile to go for the more expensive Auva 70’s for my speakers.

With the 30 day return option, seemed like a no brainier, plus I’m in the UK, so not much hassle to return if I wasn’t convinced.

Anyway, I’ve put aside my scepticism; these innocuous looking pucks seem to be the real deal.

I only had a chance to listen for about 40 minutes last night, but the change was immediate; greater separation as I thought, plus individual track components seem to be better locked in place within the sound stage. Vocals were the biggest noticeable in my short session; they seemed to come forward out of the plane of my speakers considerably. Which I find desirable.

I’ll be listening more over the weekend, but for now; yep, I’m in. These seem to be a worthwhile investment.

Forgot; I’ve put them under my Pontus 😊