stacked equipment isolation?

hello. due to space restrictions i need to stack my dvdp and my int. amp. it is mid-fi at best but i want to hit all the points(power, vibration, acoustics) within my system before beginning the next wave of component upgrades. might anyone have suggestions on what to put in between each component? lets try and keep it between the posts, i.e. vibraplane and dayton cones. i was thinking maybe cardas cuboids. thanks, d.
I recommend using a vertical rack which is a "designed system" to deal with the situation. I feel that this is a better approach than a "hodge-podge" method.

Disclaimer: I work for the company which makes Sistrum Platforms and racks. Therefore, anything I say could be used against me. :^)
thanks all! the thing is, i have all my electronics actually inside the fireplace to keep as many wires and cables out of view as possible. my system is in the living room and also used for HT, i've got over 25 cables running. i'm not sure a stand would fit in there is why i was asking. all great answers, thanks.
Hi Uncertainsmile,

Any rigid material or device will not provide isolation. The result of using a rigid material or device is to allow unwanted floor-borne vibration to travel up through the rack and directly into the equipment. In addition, chassis resonances due to air-borne and internally-generated vibration will be able to travel from component to component within the stack.

The only way to effectively and comprehensively address this problem is to decouple your stack of components from the floor-borne vibration and from each other. In addition, you must also provide a method to convert the destructive mechanical energy into benign thermal energy.

Some companies claim to "drain" vibration away from the equipment through some type of coupling but they have never provided any independent laboratory measurements to prove that claim. They also ignore the fact that a rigid device allows vibration to travel not only in one direction, but also in BOTH directions - up from the floor and down out of the equipment. In addition, any device that allows vibration to affect the signal flowing through the component and then attempts to drain the vibration after the fact can never restore the signal to its original, pristine condition.

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Hi I have the same situation. I had tried various tweaks to isolate my cdp from the tuner, on wich it is placed on. None of them worked really. Finally, I found a solution which seems to work: maple platform, bought in Ikea, on the tuner. 4 nordost pulsar points on which there is an another maple platform. This platform is relatively small: about 6inch x 1 12 inch. The base of the cdp is on this small platform in between the feets of the cdp. It seems to me that layered solution finally bought some positive impact: more focused soundstage, better bass definition, more treble energe, nicer midrange.