stacked equipment isolation?

hello. due to space restrictions i need to stack my dvdp and my int. amp. it is mid-fi at best but i want to hit all the points(power, vibration, acoustics) within my system before beginning the next wave of component upgrades. might anyone have suggestions on what to put in between each component? lets try and keep it between the posts, i.e. vibraplane and dayton cones. i was thinking maybe cardas cuboids. thanks, d.

Great product and service, and very fair pricing. Maybe all you need. Good luck.
barry and TWL, EDIT: "decent" isolation for my PARTICULAR situation. i'm sure all your products perform very well. i didn't mean to imply your goods were merely decent. thanks again, d.
Hi D, our company has some smaller devices which might work in your unusual application, such as Audiopoints and Sistrum platforms.

Barry is correct, solid and rigid stands do not provide "isolation".

Our products are designed to manage vibrations, and not "isolate". Our whole company is built on "not isolating".

Barry and I often differ on this issue, and offer different solutions. We both have many reviews and user testimonials over the years. Just different ways of doing things.

Tom Lyons
Starsound Technologies
I once placed some styrofoam squares under my speakers. Really works.
Best of all is you can find this product in most trash bins.
Way to go Jeff--- and no paypal fee. Sorry Jeff you're not the only guy doing this. I bought some platforms and they came packed with thick dense styro. The styro is the same size as the platform; I'm using it, now.