Stacking Linn Gear

I am thinking about stacking my Klout amp on top of my 5103 preamp. The components are in an enclosed cabinet (no door) on their own shelves. As you can imagine it gets a little warm in there. My thought is twofold. By removing one shelf and stacking, the components will have more airspace around them and may run cooler. Second thought is that by stacking I can use very short interconnects between the 5103 and Klout. I know Linn gear is pretty quiet with their switching power supplies, but I'm wondering if stacking will negate any benefit of the short interconnect run. I know I should just try it and see, but it is quite an undertaking due to my less than perfect cabinet.
The following is a quote from page 5 of the Klout owner's manual:

"Up to five KLOUTs can be stacked on top of each other without risk of overheating. We do not recommend stacking the KLOUT on any other product."

The following is a quote from page 9:

"Do not stack a KLOUT with other products which will obstruct the airflow, or which cannot
support the weight."

In addition to the heat issue, it is not good to have power supply components too close to the sensitive electronic circuitry of preamps or processors. Although the Klout has a screened transformer, it's not a good thing to do if you can avoid it.
Agree with Markphd. The power supply in the amp can induct audible or subtle hum or distortion in the pre-amp.