Stand Mount Speakers

It seems like there is an endless amount of options these days, some good and some not so good. I've been using a very clean set of B&W 602 S3 speakers for quite some time. Great when the volume is up, but not so great at the low end. I'm in a 1300 sq ft condo now and the main room is about 800 sq ft. Current equipment is as follows:

Emotiva XMC-1 Processor Emotiva BasX 5 channel amp Emotiva Airmotiv 8 Sub Thorens TD 145          Mac Mini Apple TV

I listen to a lot of vinyl, multiple genres and stream some music and movies.

I'm looking for bookshelf/stand-mount speakers. Was leaning toward the Focal Aria K2 906 or the Dynaudio Evoke 20. Other recommendations are greatly appreciated.



The GoldenEar BRX is also right at the price point of the two you mentioned. I have a pair in my bedroom system and find them very enjoyable. They use the same tweeter and mid/bass drivers as in GE's Reference model. 

Evoke 20s

I'd vote for the Dynaudios.  Hands down excellent bass response and detailed sound stage with a wide variety of vinyl.  If you decide to move on, their value holds up very well.

Make sure you use the Dynaudio stands; they securely mount to each speaker and really enhance the performance.

You will be disappointed with the lack of bass with the focals. Dynaudio, totem model 1’s, usher mini-x, usher s-520, usher x-719, the golden ear’s, and many others. You might want to look at the revel m15’s/m16’s, totem hawk, usher mini dancer 1’s, all very tiny floor standing speakers that would not take up any more room that a stand mount speaker, and will sound good at low and high volumes