stand-mount speakers for classical music

Last year's search for stand-mount speakers got scuttled by other priorities. I used the time since to optimize existing config and critically evaluate all the thingz.

> 90% of my listening is classical up to moderate dB, remaining 10% is mix of electronic, alternative and classic rock up to loud dB ( >= 12 o'clock on -dB dial).

Classical breakdown: 70% chamber/solo instrumental and vocal, 30% orchestral and opera.

Gear: Micromega M-100 int amp, Nola Boxer v1, dual Syzygy SLF870 12" 1000w subs w/ room-correction, all source material is streaming (.flac or Qobuz)

Room: challenged 3700cf L-shape with speakers centered at 7' point of a 27' head wall. Vaulted ceiling to 13', hardwood floors, some rugs.

Budget: under $5K

Grateful to hear from other standmount owners with similar listening profiles.
The Absolute Sound (Steven Stone) just posted a very nice review of the LSA 10 Statement MSRP $3495
I owned a pair of Totem Fire monitors for several years, if you can listen to them, that might be a good fit.

I replaced the Totem's after a year-long search and some of the speakers I enjoyed were from Harbeth, Dynaudio and Sonusfaber.  I ended up with a pair of floor-standing Focals, but have not auditioned their stand mounts.  I too listen to mostly classical music, mostly full orchestras.
@bobedwards based on your mention I looked into ProAc Studio SM100. Not unlike some of ATC’s studio monitors. Some of the head-to-heads favored ATC but may have been individual preferences. Cabinet finish is studio so not optimal for my main room.  ProAc Response D2R was also on my list from last year.

The more I read about/look at ATC SM20 (passive hifi version) the more I jones for it. Sadly it looks near-impossible to find in North America - even some UK retailers must special order from ATC, then they build-to-order.
I had Harbeth 30.2s and HSU subs for a while.  Great for classical music and small ensemble acoustic jazz, chamber music etc.  Swapped them for Focal Kamta 3s as I wanted something a little less "polite" like the Focal.  But the 30.2 were amazing. Entirely different/more resolving than 30.1s which they replaced.  Can prob find used under $5k.  If I didn't need my Led Zeppelin fix once in a while I'd still have the Harbeth.