stand-mount speakers for classical music

Last year's search for stand-mount speakers got scuttled by other priorities. I used the time since to optimize existing config and critically evaluate all the thingz.

> 90% of my listening is classical up to moderate dB, remaining 10% is mix of electronic, alternative and classic rock up to loud dB ( >= 12 o'clock on -dB dial).

Classical breakdown: 70% chamber/solo instrumental and vocal, 30% orchestral and opera.

Gear: Micromega M-100 int amp, Nola Boxer v1, dual Syzygy SLF870 12" 1000w subs w/ room-correction, all source material is streaming (.flac or Qobuz)

Room: challenged 3700cf L-shape with speakers centered at 7' point of a 27' head wall. Vaulted ceiling to 13', hardwood floors, some rugs.

Budget: under $5K

Grateful to hear from other standmount owners with similar listening profiles.
Classical music sounds great on omnidirectional speakers like Duevel Bella Luna, Geman Physiks Unlimited or MBL 126. You can "see" and pinpoint each section of the orchestra when setup well. 
Also forgot about NHT Classic 3 speakers. 3 way and excellent sound, if you can find a pair.
Update on the search for standmounts for classical music - short-list shortened in order of fit^:

  1. Philharmonic BMR Monitors (built by Salk Sound)
  2. Fritz Carbon 7 SE MK II
  3. Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/6*
  4. ATC SCM20pSL*
^  fit = value/price ratio + spec match to my parameters (see OP) + accessibility of designer/builder

*  >= $5K new; pre-own hard to find and multiple K more $$ than 1, 2 

Anyone out there heard or even better own Philharmonic BMR's?


A pair of Fritz LS/7R's were just posted today on Audiocircle for $2200.  It was a $3800 model when new. 
@jackd - thanks, saw those earlier.  For my spec the BMR's seem hard to beat: true 3-way, driver quality, exceptional midrange, designed by classical musician etc.