Stand out phono stages

This topic has been started before by others and myself as well, maybe too many times, but it is worth revisiting since the source is so very important!
So far I have had the pleasure to enjoy two worthy phono stages: the EAR 834p and the JLTI.
I have to admit they are spectacular. Obviously the record and all the equipment downstream play a role in the sound heard. In some cases I prefer the JLTI and in other cases the EAR. But neither out do the other dramatically.
What phono preamps outshine others by a big margin, those that can be considered the last phono preamp ever needed.
As good as the EAR 324 is, the Einstein Turntable's Choice beats it. It is close to hearing "nothing" from the phono. But you need to leave the Einstein warmed up for a couple of days at least to get its full potential.
I had the latest Steelhead and a PSA GCPH in my studio for several months. One gripe about the Steelhead is that MC cartridges sound a little sweeter with better high end definition though the MM inputs, but lose a little low end punch. I tried to get a combination of the MM input highs and the MC input lows but it didn't seem to be possible despite trying every setting on the unit. Routing the variable outputs back into the pre-amp inputs helped, but the low end was still slightly lacking. The PSA, although not quite as liquid as the Manley, sounded 98% as good in most instances and actually has more cohesive imaging, at least with my system. I sold the Manley and kept the PSA with no regrets.
Duanedam: I have no experience with the Steelhead, but based on comparisons I've read between it and the EAR 324, I'm surprised, to say the least, that you felt the GCPH is that close to the Steelhead, particularly with an MC cart. (I found the GCPH to sound best on its lowest input gain setting.) That 98% comparison, plus your dissatisfaction with the bass, makes me wonder whether the tubes in your Steelhead may have been subpar or past their prime, because in my system the GCPH didn't come near that close to the 324 -- especially regarding the bass, and likewise for dynamics, textural purity, and transparency of natural tonality and fine detail resolution. (I would agree, however, that the PSA comes somewhat closer in the imaging department, and I still feel it's a nice 'stage for the money.)
My ASR Mini Basis Exclusive sounds about 50% better than the PS Audio GCPH that I used to own. Much more open and liquid midrange, removes the layer of grain, more dynamic, more clear
Hi Jazdoc,

Can you tell us more about your Experience Music Kahn LCR phono stage? What kind of gain? Is it using built in step up transformers? How much does it cost? etc.