Standmount speakers. I have $5000.

I'm shopping standmount speakers. I have $5000.  New or pre-owned is fine.


Micromega M100 integrated pre/amp/dac
Syzygy SLF870 sub x2 (12" drivers, 1200w ea, 20-200Hz, room correction)
Dynaudio Stand 4

room = ~5000 cu. ft, 20'x 18' with 13'-17' vaulted ceiling

The new standmounts will replace Nola Boxers v1 ($1500 new in 2013)

I'm lazy about travel to audition anything but might for local options (esp. to vet pre-owned). I'd probly deal with in-home trial.

As semi-arbitrary starting point I'm looking at Salk SS 7M's ($4995 new). Any others I simply must consider?

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b_limo: I noticed that too. I’ve had mixed experience with tmr - the single positive outcome was a purchase where I think I did quite well. I subsequently found that tmr was actually the 1st (and only) owner of the component. I think I got lucky. The rest of my encounters have left a bad taste - including a ridiculous lo-ball offer from them for a REL R328 sub, followed by usurious pricing on other pre-owned R328’s.
I can't help but comment: 
Has anybody heard of PMC ! ???
The speakers most widely used speakers in the recording industry and with the unique and best driver loading AKA "Advanced Transmission Line".
You will NOT ever hear a better or more natural stand mount speaker today.

PMC Twenty5/22

Or better yet their Active Professional line
I do large orchestral from time to time
In that case, check out DeVore speakers as well, they are reasonably priced and offer large enough sound to fill up your room (E&M in Paris 12 had them, prob still does). Another unusual but no less interesting manufacturer is Tekton, offering weird design speakers (with limited Significant-Other appeal!) but huge sound!
Both of the above are easy to drive, the Tekton actually being hi sensitivity; I don’t know your micromega, but on paper, it should be more than adequate!
Tekton Design impact monitors.  Heard them two years ago at Rmaf.  Stunning!  $2k without stands in standard colors.