Stands and coupling for Yamaha NS1000M

Hey guys.

I have been doing a lot of DIY of late and made some stands for my Yamaha NS1000M speakers.

I made some out of wooden worktop and resemble the Kenrick Sounds stands.

My question is this.

1. Should I couple the speaker to the stands with some feet, or

2. should I sit it directly - ie cabinet to wood stand

3. same as above but the feet of the stands

4. If so what do I use for the feet

5. has anyone tried deflex panels to couple speakers to the floor or to stands?

I've owned NS1000M and X's, and  NS10000

Very solid open metal box type stands like these
(height tweeter/mid point ear level) speakers blu-tacked to the stands, stands spiked into cement slab floor.

If the floor is suspended (wood/cement sheet) "do not spike" into it as you make the floor into a sound board, try to isolate as much as possible (rubber feet etc etc).

Cheers George
Hi George

As it happens I happen to have some Target open frame stands. I made some Kenrick style stands as they are similar in looks to the original NS1000M stands.
I always find the science of speaker stands frustrating, especially when I hear some reviews.

The original stands were way too short I thought, more to please "the one who must be obeyed" than an audiophile/owner looking for the best sound. You want that tweeter/mid to be at ear level.

Cheers George
Hi @georgehifi

In fairness I have used the target stands for aaaaagggggeeeeessss.

I agree re tweeter/mid level - I tend to be seated with mids at ear level.