Stands for Martin-Logan CLS's Good or Bad?

Which stand company makes them?
What are your feelings about the effect the stands have on the CLS's?

Any input is better than no input.


I have a pair of CLS - I think they are better as-is. There's really no problem the stands correct - flexibility of the frames is a non-issue, IMHO. I have my CLS sitting on Vibrapods, which seemed to help a bit. Plus, most of the stands are either out of production or ugly as sin.

Mandatory -- had them w/o and then with stands, sound anchors; no contest, get the sound anchors or the other company which I cannot remember their name -- customed made for cls and they do not look bad
I would definitely recommend stands. The speakers are too low standing on the floor (unless you sit on the floor while listening). I built custom stands for my CLS and the difference is major. If you need any ideas regarding the design, please e-mail me…