Stands for Sound Lab M-1PX speakers?

Has anyone made stands for a pair of Sound Lab M-1PX speakers? I'd like to come up with a better way to couple the speakers to the floor and figure that someone else has already done it. Any ideas, or experiences with getting a pair of Sound Lab speakers better anchored (or decoupled for that matter) to the floor would be appreciated.
Why would you want stands? The best sonic improvement is to put them on Stillpoints. Pricy, but worth it.
Just to make them a little more grounded and stable. How many Stillpoints and what locations have you found that work best Tom?
Hi Keith, After decades if experimenting with all sorts of speaker stands, feet, points. I now use Star Sound Technologies platforms for my speakers and all other components. They are the only stuff I've used that made an astonishing improvement to my sound.
I used to use stillpoints but even 3 of the "sixes" were no comparison to Star sound $500 "Apprentice" platform in my system. (and in other system's I've heard.
I move up to Starsound's " Rhythm" platform and found it shockingly superior to even the apprentice. Unbelievable soundstage and amazing tonal quality and realism!
IMHO you should call Star Sound and find out more before you chose.
Good hunting!!