Stands or feet for Thiel 3.6

I am using Thiel 3.6's with the factory spiked feet on a berber carpet over a 2nd story wood floor. The speakers are still a bit tippy. Does anyone have any experience with any of these options:

1) Sound Anchor stands for Thiel 3.6 ($235/pr)
2) Sistrum stands (SP-004) ($370/pr)
3) Substituting brass feet for factory spiked feet - Audio points by Bright Star, 1.2AP-THLS (these slip into the factory spike holes) ($160 to do all 6 spikes).
4) other products . . . ?

Many thanks for any advice you would have.
I have tried the 1.2APs, also on Berber carpets/2nd story wood floors. Yes, they are more stable than the factory spikes. But, I perfer the spikes over the APs. BTW, using the brass APs are not as simple as slipping the points in the factory holes. The points must be against the wood of the speakers, which means you must first remove the plastic groumets. Robert at Sistrum claims the Sistrum platforms bettered the APs ten fold. But, using these platforms would make the speakers even more "tipsy". I have not heard the Thiels with the sound anchors, but have heard them with B&W 802s & 801s, they are great.
Took my pair of my Sistrum Sp004's to my friends house who has Thiel 3.6's. He is currently using the Audiopoints. The Sp004's under his 3.6's made a very noticeable improvement in all areas. We had to use the apcd disc between the top points and the wood bottom of the speaker. The discs gave that little bit of extra clearance we needed. I use the dics between wood surfaces anyway, I think it sounds better. They are very stable. Especially if you place the platform on the floor and stand on it . This weight pushes the points thru the carpet and into the surface below. Caution do not stand on the points!
Hi Gnobber, please give the Sistrum speaker platforms a try. Maybe someone, someday will build a better mouse trap. Until then the performance with these platforms may be the best investment you could make with the possible exception of moving up to the next level Thiel has to offer. I do not know if you will get the same results on wood floors as i have concrete. Theaudiotweak or Robert at Starsound could be much more helpful than myself how these platforms perform on wood floors. I have loaned out my platforms, i have referred some to Robert for a 30 day trial. Not one who has tried these platforms(if they fit)could believe what the improvement in soundstaging, dynamics, an ease or a lack of effort that was easy to hear. As you can tell i am a big fan of these Platforms. Take the 30 day trial and find out what you hear. Your opinion is the only one that matters. Having heard some of the other well regarded speaker stands and platforms i found much to be desired in comparison. Just trying to be helpful. I have nothing to do with Starsound. As far as being a bit tipsy because the platforms have a three point design, i have a couple ideas that will help. Best to you in your search for that stand that stands apart from the rest.
Thanks to everyone for their great responses.

Audiotweak, on the SP-004 stands, do you mount those on the inside of the plinth? The plinth is roughtly 11 wide x 15 deep. The SP-004 seems to be smaller, and the discs you mentioned must take up some space inside the plinth. I am guessing that the points must not be more than 8" or so apart. I was concerned that this might make the speaker even more tippy. Am I visualizing your setup correctly?

Brulee, did you mention you had some ideas to help the 'tippy' aspect?

thanks, Bill
Gnobber,Yes the discs take up space.The 3 points are adjustable over a 3in. slotted cutout on the actual platform.This adjustment range gives you enough latitude to place the points and consquently the discs for optimum coupling and stability. Remember to push platform down into the carpet first then use blue tape to attach the discs to the points.Place the blue tape in a manner so it can be removed after the speaker is in place or is in a position that it will not interfere with the coupling of the point tip and dimple of the disc. I use bluetape because it is easy to see and easy to remove..This process is only necessary because the skirt limits ease of access. A friend needs to help in these steps. After a couple of days the brass materials seem to meld and almost bond under pressure of their new home, again becoming even more stable. Well worth the time..Tom