Started with $1k speakers … what now?

I got into this hobby during Covid, browsing YouTube reviews my first speakers were Polk L100s and Sonus Faber Lumina 1s. Not bad as an entry point, but wondering what would be the next level is where a speaker is built with fewer compromises in the drivers and crossover design.  My hope was that in the $5k range truer “hifi” entry points may be found in a small room system with a REL t5x. My source and amplification is already in the $5k range. 

I visited a hifi store recently but was overwhelmed by the amount of choice and unsure what would be an upgrade based on first listening impressions alone. 

Thanks in advance for any insights.


@lanx0003 Your points are well taken however I’ve yet to come across the perfect audio componet in everyone’s eyes. I would ask you this...Can you recommend a speaker that cost less the the Carbon 7’s (new) that has superior componets, better build and a generous in home no questions asked trial as opposed to the carbon 7’s? The only reason folks are capable of picking apart the question of Fritz speakers value propostion is because he is completely transparent about exactly what is inside the box.To me its like going to a fine resturant looking at your menu choice and evaluating the cost of the ingredients that went into the meal with no other consideration. I feel completely comfortable stating 90% of the people reading this do not have a clue what crossover etc.componets are inside the speakers they own nor do they really care, either it sounds good in their system or it does not period. I’ve been shopping for a quite some time and Fritz has been simply at the top of my shortlist based on lots of feedback. When you personally communicate with several people who lived with a product give it a thumbs up without reserve what more do you want? I am not being facetios. I’m participating on this thread because I too am seeking a better pair of speakers for my system like the OP. Either they’ll work for me or they won’t. If you are aware of a superior product that is not diy for the same or lower cost (new) please share your find .


@audioguy85 I don't believe you stated what amplification you use. You mentioned a small room, what is LXWxH? 

Would make a difference when choosing between Pulsars or Carbon7s.

@mesch  12x14x 9. Amp is Quad Artera + Pre. (150w/8ohm). I had a marantz and Schiit Vidar/Freya before and was not happy with them. I like this amp; I don’t hear coloration or grain like the others mentioned, it’s just a touch on the ‘smooth’ side of things, which is fine for me.


Can't possibly go wrong with Proac stand mounts.  Year after year, rave after rave from owners.

It's the kind of standmount that even were you to move in a huge theatre, you would not want to part with your proacs.

They do need current, not the most sensitive.  And you already have a sub.  I think you'd be stunned by how great they sound.  I sure was.  Talk about "musicians in the room with you!" they have it in spades...