Started with $1k speakers … what now?

I got into this hobby during Covid, browsing YouTube reviews my first speakers were Polk L100s and Sonus Faber Lumina 1s. Not bad as an entry point, but wondering what would be the next level is where a speaker is built with fewer compromises in the drivers and crossover design.  My hope was that in the $5k range truer “hifi” entry points may be found in a small room system with a REL t5x. My source and amplification is already in the $5k range. 

I visited a hifi store recently but was overwhelmed by the amount of choice and unsure what would be an upgrade based on first listening impressions alone. 

Thanks in advance for any insights.


@mesch  12x14x 9. Amp is Quad Artera + Pre. (150w/8ohm). I had a marantz and Schiit Vidar/Freya before and was not happy with them. I like this amp; I don’t hear coloration or grain like the others mentioned, it’s just a touch on the ‘smooth’ side of things, which is fine for me.


Can't possibly go wrong with Proac stand mounts.  Year after year, rave after rave from owners.

It's the kind of standmount that even were you to move in a huge theatre, you would not want to part with your proacs.

They do need current, not the most sensitive.  And you already have a sub.  I think you'd be stunned by how great they sound.  I sure was.  Talk about "musicians in the room with you!" they have it in spades...


Well your room is similar in size to my own. In that size room I would think your amp at 150wpc would drive the Pulsars fine. They are not as easy to drive as the Fritz however.

@balooo2  Fritz discloses the crossover design because it is a well-known public domain property of AR, which has received various good and mixed reviews. These issues are known to DIYers, who either appreciate them or modify them to enhance the speakers' sound quality. However, it's unclear whether Fritz publishes any modifications or specific parameter settings on the parts. In essence, if Fritz retains the crossover design as proprietary information, even though it originates from the public domain, it is akin to what others do. This practice safeguards intellectual property, preventing DIYers from openly replicating or fabricating Fritz speakers. The intention is to protect proprietary knowledge, a common and understandable approach in the industry.

Regarding other speakers, I've expressed my trust in the reviewers' discerning ears and their almost perfect assessments of Fritz speakers. However, I do acknowledge the concerns raised by reviewers about the quantity and dynamics of the bass region in Fritz speakers. While I appreciate my Buchard S400 mk ii, I was genuinely surprised to learn that Fritz "easily beats Buchard or Dynaudio S40" in the high/mid regions. Personally, I have a preference for speakers with weighty and nimble bass. The inherent bass aspect of Fritz remains a reservation for me in making a purchase decision. It ultimately boils down to personal taste and, infortunately, there are no 'jack-of-all-trades' speakers as Dave rightly pointed out.

I hope your audition of the Fritz speakers goes well, and you find them to your liking. I understand the painstaking process of choosing the right speakers, so best of luck in making your decision.

@lanx0003  This is the first time I've heard of AR (Acoustic Research?) having a hand in series crossovers.  What's your source for this statement?