Starter budget tube preamp with remote?

I'm starting to try out tube preamp (as many said they can make your system sing). I've been eyeing used Rogue Metis on Agon. My current system are all emotiva (ERC-1, USP-1 and XPA-2) with a pair of ML Aerius. How much of an improvement can the Rogue Metis (or a similar tube preamp w/ remote) do to my current system?
You should search for a Eastern Electric Avant pre. The thing is not ultra expensive and sounds wonderful. Contact Bill O'Connor at Morning Audio. It uses a total of 8 tubes, 5 12au7,2 12ax7 and 1 EZ90 6x4 rectifier.
Gopher wrote up a very positive evaluation of the Avant over on Audio Circle. Compared favorably to his Shindo, which is really saying something in my book.
Thanks for all the replies. My budget is around $1k and I preferred used gears since I can get most out of the $ spent. Any product line from Rogue or BAT that currently listed on Agon around this ball park that would give a significant boost over my current USP-1 preamp?
Audio Mirror t-61 can be had for half your budget and is a pretty surprising little pre. Looks great too.