Starting a Classical Vinyl Music Collection

Don't have much so I'm wondering where to begin.



@jjbeason14   In the words of the The Highlander "There can be only one"  🤣

If you want to own some physical media, as I do, here is a great place to start your classical collection. In fact, with +/- 120 hours of playing time, you may never need to buy another classical cd/LP in your lifetime.  Fantastic addition to any music collection.


If you have satellite radio, listen to the classical station. They play a wide variety of composers and eras. Classical music ranges from sonatas to huge Mahler symphony’s and everything in between. And baroque to ultra modern. The great thing is you can find quality used vinyl at very affordable prices. If you buy something you don’t like you are only out a few dollars. 

I probably have 1,000 classical LPs.  I almost never listen to them.  I do have, and listen to classical CDs ripped to a streamer.  I MUCH prefer listening to classical digitally— no awkward breaks in programming, easy to find place in libretti when listening to opera, no ticks and pops during quiet passages, and most significantly, VASTLY greater selection of composers and performances (most legacy performances have been reissued digitally, very few new recordings have been issued on LPs since the early 1990s).  

I would never start out collecting classical music on LP.  Jazz, bluegrass, and other genres might be a different matter.  

Take a look at the Deutsche Grammophon Classical label; website and app:

Deutsche G Classical

There is a free app that allows you to explore the world of classical music through videos and recordings of performances.  This label is know for high quality vinyl and the top classical artists.

@larryi     +1  Collecting Classical/Romantic/Baroque or Opera recordings on vinyl can be challenging. Due to the quiet passages where ticks/pops, tape hiss and noise floor might become overtly distracting. My best advice is find as many sealed recordings as possible even with the slight risk of record warps. When considering used look for Columbia 6/Eye due to being very durable, many having Audiophile SQ and most important the legendary performances.