Starting a Classical Vinyl Music Collection

Don't have much so I'm wondering where to begin.



Larryi I both like sacd , xrcd on classical. I know someone who prefer digital on classsical, I do like both equally. OP I listen on YouTube before I buy my records. Music Direct   Elusive disc , and Acoustic Sounds are my choices. They go on sale.

Live anywhere near me in Plainfield, NJ, 07062?

I have a lot of classical I will be parting with for very low price just to make shelf space. Lots in excellent shape. 4 store owners came, bought Jazz, Rock, didn’t even look at the classical.

It would be nice to move them to someone who wants them.

Anyone else nearby wanting classical?


ps, no matter where you live, I would encourage starting with inexpensive used. There is so much to learn, find what truly appeals to you, then collect, continue to learn, no use filling your shelves with 'great' music you will never listen to. 

which composer, era, symphony, conductor, small chamber, big orchestra, monster organ, .... which engineers, which labels, get a feel for it.

I learned about Jazz from a batch of around 50 mixed Jazz LP's my friend gave me. Knowing I liked Trombone, Red Garland, Earl Hines, Trios, Oscar Peterson, .... then with that start, every payday I went to Record Hunter, NYC a block from my office, buying new LPs at great prices, CD players had dropped in price, goodbye LPs.

Best recorded Bach choral music on vinyl is conducted by Helmuth Rilling. His cantatas, Passions, etc are the best recorded on vinyl.
Otherwise, in addition to Bach, just go through the alphabet: Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin for starters…for Chopin, I like Arrau and Francois as performers.
The above are probably the best: no need to even go to D